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  • DIAMOND PENTAWARD 2013 – Best of the Show 2013 – Family Business

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    Best of the Show 2013

    Brand: Absolut Vodka

    Entrant: Family Business

    Country: SWEDEN

    “They did not know it was impossible, so they did it,” said Mark Twain. This truth was certainly behind the idea developed by Family Business: to produce 4 million bottles, each one unique.
    For years, Absolut Vodka has been a leader in innovation and in the launch of limited editions such as Absolut Disco, Absolut Rock, Absolut Masquerade, Denim, 100, Bling-Bling, Miami, No Label… and many others.
    In 2012, it was time to redefine the Limited Edition concept as such. The idea “naturally” came to create unique bottles, and no less than 4 million, so that each bottle would become a limited edition itself. A huge challenge. An impossible challenge? No, not for Family Business, not for Absolut.
    It only took them a lot of work, creativity, passion — and no doubt an unmatched power of conviction — to “sell the idea” and set up a dedicated (and unique) production line, capable of producing 4 million bottles, each one different. The film in the Annex is well worth viewing.
    As a result, nearly 4 million bottles were sold before the end of the promotion campaign, without any reduction in price, and furthermore during the holiday season when competition is greatest. Rather than choose between Absolut and another brand, the consumer chose between different “Unique” bottles. This is exactly what Family Business wanted. Mission “impossible” accomplished.
    It made perfect sense, therefore, that the Pentawards International Jury awarded the unique Diamond Pentawards 2013 to Absolut Unique.

    In addition to the Diamond Pentaward trophy, Family Business received the Esko Suite 10 software worth €5,000, an amazing programme for design and visualization, specially created for packaging.

    The Unique Diamond trophy and the Specilal Esko Prize (worth €5,000) were awarded to the team of Family Business by Jeff Stoffels (Esko), Gérard Caron, president of the jury and Brigitte Evrard, founder of the Pentawards.

    Watch the movie !

  • PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2013 – Best of the category Beverages – Metaphase Design Group

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    Best of the category Beverages

    Brand: Anheuser-Busch InBev

    Entrant: Metaphase Design Group, Inc.

    Country: USA

    A brand stands out from others mainly by its colour, its name, its shape. In the world of beer, mainly sold in cans, it is not easy to break out. Yet this is what the creative and engineering staff of Metaphase Design Group did by offering Budweiser “The King of Beers” a can shaped like a bow tie. Knowing the technical challenge of producing large quantities of cans at speed, one can only admire the result obtained by Metaphase Design Group. The primary objective was to create a more attractive can, visually, functionally and emotionally, in order to attract new customers to this great American classic brand. Goal achieved. Holding a Budweiser can in hand is enough to understand the added value to the brand, thanks to this unique shape in perfect harmony with the brand logo. You could not do better!

  • PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2013 – Best of the category Food – Design Bridge London

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    Best of the category Food

    Brand: Walkers – Tiger Nuts

    Entrant: Design Bridge London


    In the world of crisps, crackers and nuts sold in bags, it is imperative to “stand out”. Competition from national brands and private labels is pushed to its limit. Owned by PepsiCo, the Walkers brand (known as Lays in many countries) is the market leader in crisps and seeks a similar position in the nuts market. To achieve its goals, Design Bridge created a design representing the face of a tiger in which you can read in subliminal image, Tiger Nuts, very cleverly and creatively designed like the distinctive black stripes of a tiger’s fur.

    The Pentaward Platinum trophy was awarded to the team of Bridge Design by Chris Plewes (Davis – Canada), jury member Pentawards 2013

  • PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2013 – Best of the category Body – Pearlfisher

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    Best of the category Body

    Brand: Strong Nutrients

    Entrant: Pearlfisher


    Strong is a brand of high quality food supplements developed to target health and beauty at the cellular level for a younger, stronger, more dynamic body. The objective of Pearlfisher was to stand out from functional brands and create the concept of “beauty from within” by providing an experience of the ultimate benefits of Strong in a unique and emotional way. The design showcases beautiful and elegant birds which are known for their hidden strength (owl, barn owl, Pegasus,…). The illustrations are treated in a symbolic, timeless and elegant way. The result is visually striking, creating high visibility for both retail and e-commerce.

    The Pentaward Platinum trophy was awarded to the team of Pearlfisher by Christophe Pradère (BETC DEsign – France), jury member Pentawards 2013 (right) and Gérard Caron (left) president of the jury

  • PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2013 – Best of the category Other markets – Studio Kluif

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    Best of the category  Other markets

    Brand: JHEROnimus packaging range

    Entrant: Studio Kluif


    JEROHnimus is a brand of household products (pillows, dishes, vases, decorative objects, …) inspired by the works of the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516), known for his work in the quirky, mystical, surreal and disconcerting style. Studio Kluif was inspired by the great painter to create a range of packaging which presents products in the distinctive atmosphere of Bosch’s paintings. Here however, this style is expressed in a contemporary way through photography, bridging the gap between a rich cultural past and a promising future.

    The Pentaward Platinum trophy was awarded to Studio Kluif by Somchana Kangwarnijt  (Prompt Design – Thailand), jury member Pentawards 2013 and Gérard Caron, president of the jury.

  • PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2013 – Best of the category Luxury – Here Design

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    Best of the category Luxury

    Brand: The Balvenie 50

    Entrant: Here Design


    David Stewart is known around the world by lovers of Scotch whisky. Starting at 17 as an apprentice at the  Balvernie distillery, David Stewart dedicated his life to making the best whisky. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of his arrival at Balvernie, a limited edition of 88 bottles (sale price £20,000) was produced from a rare cask of Balvernie single malt distilled in 1962. The Here Design agency was entrusted with the creation of this commemorative limited edition. Working together with the Scottish cabinetmaker San Chinnery, the agency opted for a cylinder composed of 49 layers of wood and one of brass. The layers of wood are made from 49 local tree species (Galloway Ash, Borders Oak, Lothian Walnut, Cherry, Yew, Fife Beech, Banffshire Elm,…). One layer of brass, on which is engraved the history of this exceptional single malt, mentions the distillery stills. Inside, under another brass plate, a certificate of authenticity can be seen. On the label of the bottle made of blown glass, significant dates in the production of this whisky are mentioned. The wooden stopper is also hand made by the craftsman.

    Luxepack Special Prize

    Luxepack also awarded a special prize for the best creation of the Luxury category: the wooden case of “The Balvernie 50″ whisky bottle, created by the British agency Here Design, who in addition to their Platinum Pentaward was offered a stand at the next Luxepack Shanghai Exhibition in April 2014.

    The Pentaward Platinum trophy and the Special Luxepack Prize (worth €5,000) were awarded to Bloom London by Yoshio Kato (Suntory – Japan), jury member Pentawards 2013, Gérard Caron, president of the jury and Brigitte Evrard, founder of the Pentawards

  • Gold Pentaward 2013 – Beverages – Uni-President Enterprises (China) Investment Co.

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    Gold Pentaward 2013
    Beverages – Water

    Brand: Uni-President

    Entrant: Uni-President Enterprises (China) Investment Co.

    Country: CHINA

  • Gold Pentaward 2013 – Beverages – Pergamen Trnava, s.r.o.

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    Gold Pentaward 2013
    Beverages – Soft drinks, juices

    Brand: Jupìk

    Entrant: Pergamen Trnava, s.r.o.

    Country: SLOVAKIA

  • Gold Pentaward 2013 – Beverages – Karim Rashid

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    Gold Pentaward 2013
    Beverages – Coffee & Tea  (RTD – ready-to-drink)

    Brand: Paris Baguette – Koffy

    Entrant: Karim Rashid

    Country: USA

  • Gold Pentaward 2013 – Beverages – Voice

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    Gold Pentaward 2013
    Beverages – Coffee & tea (dry and capsules)

    Brand: Rio Coffee

    Entrant: Voice

    Country: AUSTRALIA

  • Gold Pentaward 2013 – Beverages – Brandhouse

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    Gold Pentaward 2013
    Beverages – Beer

    Brand: St Stefanos

    Entrant: Brandhouse