As a global supplier, Esko is your partner in developing integrated solutions for your entire packaging supply chain. As part of an extensive software suite built specifically for packaging artwork professionals, Studio is a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design.

Studio revolutionizes the way you handle packaging and point of sale development for your brand. Shorten your artwork approval cycle. Save mock-up and studio photography costs with interactive 3D visuals of your products. Increase the success rate of product launches, by virtually comparing your brand in the store next to its competition.

For packaging designers Studio 3D packaging design software is a fast & easy way to turn ideas into beautiful 3D images.

No more need to cut, fold and glue print-outs all the time. You see the 3D packaging model right on the screen. Thanks to the faster and cheaper virtual mock-ups, the artwork that you deliver is technically correct and no longer compromising the packaging production process.