A Special Pentaward 2013 for an absolut brand!

Barcelona - 21st September 2013

A Special Pentaward 2013 for Absolut Vodka

Although the product (Absolut Rent Brännvin – absolutely pure vodka) was created in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith, the Absolut Vodka brand itself is relatively young. It was born on 17th April 1979 in Åhus, a small Swedish town 600 km away from the capital city, Stockholm. Absolut Vodka is now the number 4 premium spirit in the world with over one billion bottles sold in 150 markets globally since its inception. In 2008, the brand became part of the Pernod Ricard group, the world number 2 in wines and spirits.


We owe the Absolut bottle to a small team of Swedish designers centered around the advertising executive Gunnar Broman. It was inspired by a pharmaceutical vial from the 18th century with blue lettering that he had found in an antique shop. The launch of this bottle drew much criticism... the bottle was considered to be ugly, it had no label and seemed invisible on the shelves... when in fact all the DNA of this brand, now a global icon, was already present. Simplicity, transparency, the pursuit of perfection, unique shape, colour and typography... all the ingredients that made Absolut a brand and a packaging like no other in just thirty years.
There are few brands which can, over time, keep their DNA alive and unspoiled. The Absolut Vodka brand is part of this very exclusive club. In fact, the Absolut Vodka packaging and all the communication materials of such an  internationally known and appreciated brand stand out by their originality and their scrupulous -- yet always creative, innovative and surprising -- respect for the elements of the brand, mainly the distinctive shape of the Absolut Vodka bottle. Hundreds of ads based solely on the shape of the packaging, all different but all similar in style, created by the TBWA agency, are a case in point. Ditto for dozens of outfits worn by the bottle in limited editions, without limits…


It is for this diversity in unity and "Absolut" creativity of the brand that the founders of Pentawards, Jean Jacques and Brigitte Evrard, have decided to give a Special Pentawards to Absolut Vodka. This trophy was awarded during the 7th Pentawards Trophy Ceremony on the 21st September 2013 in Barcelona, to Anna Kamjou, Global Director Design Strategy at The Absolut Company.
In addition to this Pentaward, a magnum specially dressed in black for the occasion, was produced at the request of the Pentawards founders by Sleever Int. and presented to Mrs Kamjou.

To conclude, Anna Kamjou explained, to 250 packaging designers and brand-owners present in Barcelona, how creativity is conceived at Absolut.

An "Absolut Master Class" by an exceptional creative person !