Coca-Cola bottle: a special Pentaward 2011

New York, 29th September 2011

The Coca-Cola bottle receives a Special Pentaward.

No object symbolises American civilisation more and through it, packaging design, than the mythical Coca-Cola bottle.

With the passing of the years it has been able to reinvent itself without losing its impact or its unique personality. It has adapted to materials (glass, plastic, metal), to production constraints, to market formats, to consumption habits.

  • A cult object, a lot of people collect it.
  • A cult object, artists such as Andy Warhol were inspired by it.
  • A cult object, it’s constantly found at the heart of Coca-Cola’s communications.
  • A cult object, it’s admired in many museums devoted to design.
  • A cult object, it’s part of the daily life of billions of humans!

It is for all these qualities and these specific features, for having been able to adapt to changing times, for having resisted fashion, for symbolising youth and the American dream, for having lent its prestige to industrial design, for being the global representation of perfect packaging that, this year, Pentawards honoured the Coca-Cola bottle.

And, through it, Pentawards pays tribute to all the designers, artists, packaging engineers, marketing specialists and, of course, the in-house teams at Coca-Cola, who have striven, for decades, to achieve the global success of the queen of packaging!

Mr. Vince Voron, Design Director at Coca-Cola North-America, received a magnum for the event, specially created by Turner Duckworth and produced by Sleever International, sponsor of the Pentawards, from Jean Jacques and Brigitte Evrard, founders of the Pentawards.

From left to right: Eric Fresnel, president of Sleever Int, Vince Voron, Design Director at Coca-Cola North-America, Brigitte Evrard, founder of the Pentawards, Gérard Caron, President of the international jury. 

In addition, each of the people attending the presentation of the Pentawards 2011 received a commemorative bottle, specially produced by Sleever International. There’s no doubt that this bottle, in a limited edition of 200, will become a sought-after collectors’ item.