An honorary Pentaward for the JPDA

1 October 2010: Belgium-EU Pavilion - Expo Shanghai 2010

The JPDA (Japan Packaging Design Association) receives a honorary Pentaward

The JPDA is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

This professional association brings together the main packaging design agencies in Japan but also the country’s leading packaging producers and advertisers.

Throughout these 50 years, the JPDA has endeavoured for an ever more professional approach to packaging design so as to enrich the lifestyle and economic development of citizens.  Moreover, this association, which comprises both private individuals and multinationals, promotes trade and mutual respect.

In the half a century since it was created, and guided by highly professional presidents, the JPDA remains unique in the packaging world, because no other country can claim to have perpetuated such an association.

It is therefore no accident that the quality of Japanese packaging designed is recognised and admired throughout the world.


This honorary Pentaward was handed to Mr Fumi Sasada, current President of the JPDA, by Brigitte and Jean-Jacques Evrard, founders of the Pentawards, Gérard Caron, president of the jury and Hatsumi Izawa, Pentawards representative in Japan.