Mary Lewis Lifetime Achievement Pentaward 2011

New York, 29th September 2011

Mary Lewis (Lewis Moberly) receives an Honorary Pentaward for her lifetime achievement and exceptional creativity in packaging design. 

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Mary Lewis is British and was born into an old farming family from Shrewsbury in Shropshire, the birthplace of Charles Darwin.

After graduating in Graphic Design she began to teach design courses. After three years, wishing to gain more experience in the market place, Mary Lewis set up as a freelance designer and worked for advertising agencies. Whilst working at FCB (Foote Cone & Belding), she met Robert Moberly, a client who became her partner. Together they created Lewis Moberly in 1984 and started working from their kitchen at 33 Gresse Street, London ... where their agency is still located today!

Mary Lewis has reinvented the art of packaging design and is the example of the quality of British design, considered around the world as the benchmark. In addition, Mary Lewis is admired and recognised by the profession as the most creative and innovative packaging designer. Her creations are found in every book on design and many designers acknowledge the immense influence she has had on them.

In 1995 she became the first female President of D&AD of which she is an honorary member. Mary has chaired numerous design competitions, including the BBC Graphic Design Awards and the Scottish Design Awards.

Mary Lewis is also known and appreciated for lectures and master classes she gives around the world, such as at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the President Nelson Mandela Independent Creative Conference in Johannesburg, the Ideas Conference in Melbourne, the 'I Colori della Vita' Fiat Conference in Turin, the International Design Indaba in South Africa or the Elisara University in Barcelona ...

Both The Sunday Times and The Financial Times have written about her.  She has received countless awards for her work for Waitrose, Selfridges, La Grande Épicerie de Paris, Duchy Originals for HRH Prince of Wales, Johnson & Johnson, Grand Hyatt, LVMH, Diageo...

Today Mary Lewis receives an honorary Pentawards for her lifetime achievement and exceptional creativity in packaging design. The award was presented to her at the 5th Pentawards ceremony on 29th September 2011 in New York City's exceptional Times Square.


This honorary Pentaward, honouring an entire life dedicated to creativity, was presented to Mrs. Lewis by Brigitte and Jean Jacques Evrard, founders of the Pentawards.