Interview With Pentaward Winner: Matthieu Rochette Schneider, GM Centdegrés China



What inspires you?

People. Cultures are multidimensional and the way people interpret design is unique. Creating bonds and an international language that speaks to people through packaging creation is an endless work. This idea is what inspire and passionate me and everybody at centdegrés.

Who has had the biggest influence on your design career?

China. Not as a country but as a person. I always see countries as human being. With a past, a future, a very complex identity. And an undeniable DNA. China is a country which lives between tradition and creation, past and future with an incredible ease.

What do you see as the key change in the cosmetics packaging in the last year?

Perfume. Pefume is a universe itself, with its own codes and trends. It makes people dream and create more than any other industry and despite the fact that perfumery is a secular gathering of arts (fragrance, bottle, design, advertising,…) innovation is constantly surprising shoppers worldwide!

What is the biggest challenge for cosmetics and perfume packaging designers in 2018?

Perfume, as well. centdegrés China uplifts the skincare industry in Asia since 10 years and every launch brings something new. And today, the request for perfumes design is exceptional!  From industry fusion to new use rituals, or new targets as men and millennials, there is a rain of creative opportunities that we are more than ready to take!

What are you looking forward to most at ADF&PCD Shanghai and the Pentawards Conference?

Think. And do. It is our centdegrés manifesto. A vision that I deeply believe ADF&PCD Shanghai and the Pentawards Conference are the ideal place to take action in. Thinkers and doers will be there and we are glad to be part of this first edition in Shanghai, a city we believe is at the heart of next packaging revolutions!

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