Pentawards 2017 - The Winners Are...

Barcelona, 23rd September 2017 - Winners of Pentawards 2017

The winners of Pentawards 2017:
the most beautiful packaging designs in the world.

The international jury of Pentawards®, the first worldwide competition devoted exclusively to packaging design, chaired by Co-Founder Brigitte Evrard, is announcing its 2017 winners!

This year, the 11th edition of the Pentawards was held at the W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The gala ceremony played host to over 300 people from the global packaging design community, from all around the world (27 countries represented).

The prestigious Diamond Pentaward, 2017 Best of Show was won by the Spanish-based agency Perfumes y Diseño, for the Starck Paris perfume collection.

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The Platinum Pentawards awarded to the best in packaging in five major categories go to:

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Beverages Category: Ryuta Ishikawa (Japan) for the Kirinzan bottles.

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Food Category: Infinito (Peru) for the Candela Chocolate range.

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Body Category: Interbrand (Japan) for Matsukiyo Toilet Paper.

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Other Markets Category:Angelina Pischikova (Belarus) for a range of packaging designs for CS Light Bulbs.

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Luxury Category: Stranger & Stranger (UK) for the superb bottle Italicus (Ital Spirits).


Regarding the Best of the Show - Diamond Pentaward 2017

Starck Paris perfume collection designed by Spanish-based agency Perfumes y Diseño

Simplicity, a theme that has been concurrent amongst all of the Diamond Pentaward winners over the last eleven years is something that isn’t lacking in this year’s Best Of The Show, Diamond award winning design. Starck Paris’ pedigree eludes to nothing less than beauty and finesse, both of which were stand out characteristics contributing to the judge’s unanimous decision to crown this year’s Diamond award to Perfumes y Diseño.

Starck Paris is the new perfume collection by designer Philippe Starck. Philippe Starck, who is known for product, industrial, architectural and furniture, has now ventured into the fragrance industry, under his new perfume label, Starck Paris.

The product is a collection of three perfumes, feminine, masculine and neutral. The concept was to create three distinct and independent designs that when together, both as bottles and in packaging, would interlink to form one sculpture. The fluid nature of the design creates a connectivity between the three fragrances, that is consistent throughout all aspects of the set. The complex design of the bottles meant that the production had to be executed perfectly to ensure that all three fragrances ebbed and flowed between each other, as conceptualised in the design phase.

This year’s judging panel, headed by our new chairwoman and existing founder of the Pentawards, Brigitte Evrard and made up of a plethora of highly esteemed, global award-winning design professionals took little time in establishing that the Perfumes y Diseño design could be awarded no less than the Diamond Award at this year’s gala ceremony, hosted at the W Hotel in Barcelona, overlooking the Spanish Riviera. 


5 Platinum Pentawards, the Best in each Category

Besides the Diamond Pentaward, the best of the show (Starck Perfumes) the international jury chaired by Brigitte Evrard also awarded the 5 "Best of the Category" prizes.

The BEVERAGES Platinum 2017
went to the superb Kirinzan bottle created by Ryuta Ishikawa (Japan) 

The Pentawards is no stranger to bottles of Japanese Sake being awarded the platinum award in the beverages category. This year’s competition saw the Sake, Kirinzan, designed by Ryuta Ishikawa awarded the 2017 Platinum Beverage Pentaward. The bold but beautiful Momiji gold maple leaf is a stand out feature that makes this bottle instantly distinguishable alongside other Sake brands. Noticeably, the embossed, frosted glass detail, along with the adorning gold leaf plating and string tied top on the exterior of the bottle are features of this design that are reflective and as equally as impressive as the high-grade, luxurious sake that is inside the bottle. 


The FOOD Platinum 2017
was won by Infinito (Peru) for the packaging of the Candela Chocolate range. 

The Peruvian chocolate makers, Candela have a brand ethos that states “Do it right, do what’s right”. We can confess that this Platinum Pentaward winning design by Infinito was definitely “done right”. Candela pride themselves on having an operation that is environmentally friendly and ethically responsible. Packaging design that embodied this ethos was a fundamental part of the design brief and is something that has been achieved with true beauty. The hand drawn illustrations show the physical hands of the producers hard at work whilst the diverse ranges of colour used represent the natural setting from which the chocolate originates. Both elements of the design aid in bridging the gap between the producer and consumer in a fun and colourful way.


The BODY Platinum 2017
is awarded to Interbrand (Japan) for a series of packaging for there range of Matsukiyo - Toilet paper.

Changing consumer trends, this packaging design tackles an old age Japanese stigma around purchasing toilet paper head on. Interbrand Japan, the designers behind this Platinum Pentaward winning design claim to have made toilet paper something to embrace by giving it attitude! This design takes the functional shape of a standard toilet roll pack and likens it to every day similar shaped objects by displaying the full-size image of every objects on the exterior of the packaging, in order to create the illusion that something other than a pack of toilet roll is being carried, such as a baby or a boom box. The genius idea plays on the stigma surrounding personal hygiene in Japan and uses a quirky sense of humour to alleviate it. A real worthy winner of the 2017 Body Platinum Pentaward in our eyes.


is awarded to Angelina Pischikova (Belarus) for a range of packaging designs for CS Light Bulbs

The electrical supplier CS supplies over 5000 products to its domestic market, making it the largest supplier of electrical goods in Belarus. For this product range, the packaging designer, Angelina Pischikova used a tale that supposedly inspired Thomas Eddison to create the first light bulb as the basis of her design. The tale goes, that Edison observed fire flies creating light and wanted to recreate this by his own means. This clean and detailed creation matches the shapes of different insects to the shapes of the different lightbulbs in the product range. This shows the insect creating the light, just as Edison saw according to the tale. The illustrations on the packaging instantly catch the attention of people walking by and create a stir of curiosity making the product stand out from the rest.


The LUXURY Platinum
goes to Stranger & Stranger (United Kingdom) for the luxurious 'Italicus' bottle of Ital Spirits.

Italicus is the critically acclaimed “Drink Of Kings” in Italy. Made from authentic Italian Bergamot and a carefully crafted selection of Italian botanicals, the Italian drink is traditionally served with equal amounts of prosecco over ice. The team tasked with creating the packaging design for this product were Stranger & Stranger who have offices based in London, New York and San Francisco. When it came to judging this year’s entries, it was clear from the start that Italicus was a strong contender in 2017’s Luxury category.  Everything about the design of this bottle is quintessentially Italian. The typography used evokes notions of traditional Italia whilst the tones of blue suggest a hint of Mediterranean origin. There is a luxurious feel to the product that is translated through its gold plated cap in a subtle but effective way and the weight of the bottle equates to a rare sense of dominance.


The 11th edition of the Pentawards in figures.

This eleventh edition of the Pentawards received 2,013 entries from 5 continents and 54 countries. This shows an increase of nearly 10% in enrolment over the previous year.

In addition to the Diamond Pentaward and the 5 Platinum Pentawards, the international jury also awarded 46 Gold Pentawards among the 55 categories competing this year. Silver and Bronze Pentawards were also presented. In total, 32 countries are represented among the winners.

These most beautiful packaging designs in the world can all be seen at

The Packaging Design Book 5

TASCHEN, known around the world for the quality of its art books, will publish a fifth volume on the Pentawards in 2018. After the huge success of the first four books entitled ‘’The Package Design Book’’, which were top sellers for several weeks at TACHEN’s. The fifth edition, which will include the winners of Pentawards 2017 and 2018, is a recognition of the quality and achievements of the international competition. Above all, it is a wonderful showcase for the winners of Pentawards, which gives them a means of broadcasting their expertise in packaging design globally, in addition to having the accolade of winning an international trophy. This reference book will be available in 2018 across all of the beautiful TASCHEN book stores in London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Cologne, Hollywood, Miami, Brussels as well as online. A date for the release of the Package Design Book 5 is yet to be released. However signing up to the Pentawards E-newsletter will ensure you are notified when it is available to purchase:

The 2018 PENTAWARDS will be presented in New York!!!

Registration for the 2018 Pentawards will be open from 5 February to 23 March 2018. All relevant information to register for this international competition dedicated solely to packaging design is available on the following website:  

About Pentawards

Each year the Pentawards honour the best packaging designs from around the world. The packaging designs are grouped into 5 major markets (Beverages - Food - Body Products - All other markets - Luxury Market) and no less than 55 sub categories so that each competing design is judged fairly alongside similar creations. A jury composed of 12 packaging design professionals and their chairwoman, Brigitte Everard, from various different countries and cultures, all highly esteemed amongst the global packaging community, award the trophies based on creativity, impact-branding and quality of workmanship of the works presented. 5 prize levels are attributed: one and only one Diamond Pentawards (Best of the Show) rewards the creation with the most votes across all categories. 5 platinum Pentawards go to the best entry of each of the five major markets. In the 55 categories a maximum of one Gold, two Silver and two Bronze Pentawrads can be attributed. Each year the awards ceremony takes place in a different city where designers and brand managers gather from around the world. For them, it is the only opportunity of the year to be able to meet in such numbers to exchange ideas about packaging design. Since their inception in 2007, the Pentawards have seen the number of participants increasing steadily and are now recognised as the most prestigious award in the world of packaging design. Every other year, the famous Taschen publishing house produces a book with more than 400 pages which include the winning designs across two years. In addition to the awarding of prizes, the mission of Pentawards is to promote packaging design amongst the business community, the media, the economic and political authorities and the general public around the world.


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